Rotor&stator winding and rotor assembly

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This division has semi-automatic and automatic winding machines for brushless stators. A fully automatic line with anthropomorphic robots and a two-head needle winder, scalable to four heads to increase productivity, is under construction and will be completed by the various robotic stations: planting of insulating caps, insulation, terminal assemblying and 100% final testing.

A flyer winding machine for brushless stators completes the production range and allows us to satisfy every customer's need.

In the division we can also wind traditional collector rotors with diameter: 26, 28, 39, 47 and 56 mm with any type of rotor shaft, in the various materials available on the market, and AC stators with diameter: 52, 56, 70, 80 and 96 mm in magnetic steel and DC01.

The whole production is 100% tested through EDC and All Control tests, industry leaders in Italy in the electric motor controls. The rotors can be impregnated on request, and followed the automatic balancing by removal. All our balancing machines are automatic Schenck and All Control.

All our lines are interconnected under the Industry 4.0. At the same time we are able to assembly various types of brushless rotor: with IPM pocket magnets and SPM surface magnets.

At the same time we are able to assemble various types of brushless rotor: with IPM magnets (arc magnets and/or platelets) in sintered NdFeB, and with surface magnets SPM (sintered, bonded and/or ferritic ring magnets in the various qualities, also encapsulated in stainless steel jackets, drawn by us), using the laminations of our production and those of our customers. We can balance the rotors with an automatic balancing machine of the latest generation by All Control, which works by removal.

We supply the magnetization and we realize, through a very reliable partner supplier with whom we have been collaborating for many years, all kinds of magnetization coils, also fully automatic, according to the production volumes. We control, through instruments designed and manufactured in-house, the magnetic fluxes of the correct magnetization at 100%, to ensure the best quality.

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