Moulding of metal parts

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This division is qualified for the production of punched small metal parts, for deep and very deep moulding.

We have press machines of various tonnages: from the smallest, for small parts and high shearing speeds, up to larger tonnages for medium-sized parts.

We shear different materials: various aluminum alloys, brass, steel, stainless steel and so on, according to customer requirements.

The efficiency of all production equipment is monitored by the internal tooling department that performs scheduled maintenance on production equipment and moulds.

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  • N. 6 10 to 100 Ton swan-neck shears with Bruderer, Agostino Colombo, Piovan and Invernizzi automatic feeds.
  • N. 2 Manzoni and Agostino Colombo 100/125 ton double-column shears


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