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This division deals with the technical moulding of plastic parts for the most varied sectors. We use a wide range of technopolymers, glass fiber filled and not, self-extinguishing, colored at will.

Here are some examples of materials we regularly mould:

  • PPS glass-fiber filled, for excellent mechanical properties
  • PA 66 with 15%, 30%, 50% etc. glass fiber filled, self-extinguishing, in compliance with the most varied standards
  • Blend of PA 6 and PA 66 to give elasticity to the molded parts
  • PA 6 in various colors, for parts that do not need strong mechanical properties, but rather require a certain elasticity
  • Fiberglass filled PPA, one of the most mechanically and thermally resistant materials
  • Glass-filled PBT
  • TPE-V, an example of PP/EDPM compound, also called thermoplastic rubber, also glass-fiber filled, to mold rubber-like parts in an easier and cheaper way
  • POM (acetal resin), such as Delrin 100 and 500, with Teflon additives, Kevlar, etc., for various types of gears that must have high precision and excellent smoothness

Our machinery is composed of eight horizontal injection presses, from 90 to 380 tons, all equipped with auxiliary systems for drying and dehumidification of technopolymers, for the thermoregulation of both the molds and the hot chambers and robots for picking up the molded parts.

In addition to the horizontal presses, we also have three vertical presses: two 60 ton compression presses with which we mold very technical thermosets such as Araldite, an epoxy compound with glass fiber filler for excellent mechanical performance and high temperature applications, and a vertical rotary press of 190 tons with which we mold thermoplastics such as PA 66 unfilled, for overmolding and high productivity.

The division is completed by two 125 ton presses for zamac die casting, with which we mold parts up to 1500 g maximum weight. Zamak is a very technical material that, with a careful molding and an excellent realization of the molds, allows to obtain high precision, and thus avoid subsequent reworking of the pieces, as happens for example with aluminum. We melt for any sector that requires technique, precision, and also an excellent aesthetic result. Finally, we have the possibility to ultrasonically weld plastic components of various types and sizes, with a sonotrode machine with rotary table to increase productivity.

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  • N. 7 Horizontal injection molding machines from 90 to 160 T
  • N. 1 Horizontal injection molding machine of 380 t.
  • N. 3 Vertical injection molding machines for thermosetting and thermoplastic materials
  • N. 2 Zamak molding machines 125 T Agrati and Italpresse
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