Design and manufacture of electronic boards

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In this division we design electronic boards of all kinds, such as brushless motor drives, encoders, etc., starting from single layer, dual layer, four layer, and others.

We design the firmware, write the code and debug (function verification), the programming language we use is C.

We design the electronic board, the electrical schematics, we choose all the components that will go on the board and we realize the layout, and the Master also called debug to be able to then test the boards on the ICT bed of nails (Test Incircuit).

We realize the documentation to produce externally the printed circuit board. We realize the list of the board, the instructions of assembly and testing, to be provided to the various companies with which we work for many years, for the production of the boards.

During the hardware design phase, we analyze the thermal dissipations and we design with a view to comply with the safety regulations and radio disturbances required by the various customers.

In this division we also develop our own tests, used in the other company divisions, such as rotor tests, for the control of magnetization, tests of the various encoders of the customers and functional tests for stators and brushless motors.

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Available instrumentation

  • Flir thermal imaging camera
  • AOIP micro-ohmmeter
  • Rohde&schwarz oscilloscope
  • Rohde&schwarz power meter
  • QJE voltage- and current-controlled DC power supply unit
  • Soldering station with 2 Weller soldering guns
  • Desoldering stations
  • Oscilloscope 200MHz 2GSa/s Siglent
  • Fluke and RsPro multimeters
  • ISOTECH LCR meter
  • METRIX waveform generator
  • CEM tachometer
  • Variac
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